TAELO provides entrepreneurs and organisations with professional virtual administrative solutions. A skilled virtual assistant is a valuable extension to a business and / or team, enabling all administrative topics and tasks to be centralised and executed efficiently.

Princess Mashamahite is the founder and executive director of TAELO. She is experienced in providing key executive support to local and multinational organisations, C-level executives and entrepreneurs by creating administrative efficiencies that enable them to function at their optimum level.

After being in corporate South Africa for over a decade, Princess founded TAELO in 2019 to focus her efforts on working with growing entrepreneurs and organisations in Africa.

Princess Executive Director of Taelo

How can we help you?

Email Management: Screening and prioritising email
Calendar Management: Schedule appointments
Prepare materials for Business presentations
Organising Events
Writing of Memos
Writing content for blogs
Organise and maintaining of E-files
Travel arrangements
Social media management
Coordinating Exco Meetings (Agendas, board packs and minutes)
Coordinate membership, subscription and licence renewals
Data Capturing
Online Research
Compiling Tender Documents
Arranging plumbers, electricians


Professionals and Entrepreneurs

From R2000 \ R200ph 

You are a successful professional or entrepreneur and your work has an array of administrative tasks that come with it.

Get critical support that will bring order and precision to the services that you provide.


Social media page management

Client queries

Quotations and Invoicing

Impact Organisations

From R3000 \ R250ph 

Your organisation does so much for the community it serves. We can give your organisation and board members the key administrative skill that enables synergy and professionalism in all that you do.


  • Organisational Calendar Management
  • Organisational email management
  • X1 Board Meeting Preparation (agenda, packs and minutes)
  • Organise and manage e-files
Teams and collaborations

From R4000 \ R300ph .

Whether you are team members in one business or individuals collaborating on a project, a skilled administrator can support you with centralising and bringing harmony to your work.


  • Dedicated central point of contact
  • Central email management
  • Data Capturing
  • Handle all client and supplier queries
  • Organise and manage e-files

From R5000 \ R350ph .

You are at the peak of your career, we understand how much it takes to get and stay there. An effective Executive Virtual Assistant will support you with a range of critical administrative tasks while maintaining the professionalism and integrity of your office and personal brand.


  • Call screening
  • Calendar management
  • Email management
  • Exco Meeting Prep Support
  • Business Travel arrangements
  • Organise and manage e-files

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“Behind any successful business leader there are unsung heroes and heroines who must hold critical positions. In my experience, one of the key critical positions is the Executive Assistant which is a function that requires a person with the art of communication, credibility, reliability and a high level of quality in the work that is being performed. These are characteristics that are crucial is ensuring that any business leader is able to interface with Governments, other Business Leaders as well as all employees to the lowest level. Fortunately for me, in the last 5 years, I have had the pleasure and the privilege to  benefit from such an individual who ensured that my office, my internal and external commitments were attended with such a high level of professionalism and efficiency that I owe most of my success to her. If you also want to benefit please look no further, Ms Princess Mashamahite is your answer”

ZD Radebe

Princess Mashamahite predisposition and approach to her work was that of a ‘can do’ and willing to learn executive assistant. With a high work ethic, attention to detail and a well-established customary code of polite behaviour (Etiquette). She is a highly principled professional with integrity, result driven and a brilliant communicator who interacted comfortably at all levels.

I would recommend Princess for any high office work.

Cyril Khambula

MD of Cyron Solutions Group (Pty) Ltd with Bizharri Consulting and Trading cc as subsidiary